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Bundle and save with agent packs

Starting at $59 Agent Pack

Flat-rate shipping on every order

Create the perfect box with product swaps and upgrades


Order an agent pack in 3 easy steps

Decide what pack fits you best

What kit fits your needs best? Or bundle and save by building your own pack.


Personalize and add the products to your cart

Individually personalize and add each product to your cart. If you wish to upgrade any of the product options just pay the difference.


Save by entering the coupon code at checkout

At checkout, enter AGENTPACK if you are building one of the packs below or if you are building your own version, enter AGENTPACK10.

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Create the perfect pack

$59 Pack

• 500 Business Cards
• 2 Name Badges
• 1 Micro Mesh Polo


Build Your Own

Get 10% off when you combine 3 or more products in your shop with a subtotal of $60+

Use code AGENTPACK10

Simply add items to cart and enter code at checkout.
Return to your shop to get started

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Simply add items to cart and enter code at checkout.
Return to your shop to get started

$59 Agent Pack

500 Business Cards

• Upgrade to a luxe card, just pay the difference

2 Name Badges

• Upgrade to a bling or premium metal, just pay the difference

1 Polo

• Or swap for: 2 Car Magnets
• Upgrade to a Nike polo or oxford, just pay the difference  


Get exactly what you need

Easily upgrade

Pricing starts with base products. Choose to upgrade products or add items to your pack, and just pay the difference.

Swap products

Don’t need one of the products in a pack? Or prefer a different item? You can get exactly what you want with multiple product swaps.

Increase savings

Add even more products to your pack and they'll ride for free with flat-rate shipping.


Streamline ordering for offices and teams

We've built solutions to make ordering, simple for you and your team. We understand that ordering for a large group of people can be overwhelming. That's why we provide multiple avenues to help you save time and money. See all solutions

Unique Vouchers

Enable your team to personalize and order their own kits with a prepaid voucher.

Onboarding Packs

Welcome your new employees with everything they need on day one.

Office Conversions

Expedite your transition process with custom employee kits.

Custom Gift Packs

Reward your hard-working team with customized gifts.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order an Agent Pack?


To place an order for an Agent Pack, first decide what pack you are going to build. We have a wide variety of packs at a variety of price points to choose from. Next, design and add each product individually to the cart until your cart consists of the product mix outlined in the desired Agent Pack. Lastly, enter AGENTPACK in the coupon field for the discount to be applied.

Can I customize an Agent Pack?


Yes. If you have an order of 3 products or more, valued at $60 or more, you can use the code AGENTPACK10 to take a blanket 10% off your order. This is great for custom bundles with upgraded options. We also offer customized pack options for large orders, conversions and office gifts. To learn more, see all solutions.

Are upgrades or shipping included in the Agent Pack prices displayed?


Unless otherwise stated, our set packs do not account for any upgrades you can add to your products nor shipping. For examples, if you ordered a $109 agent pack with a $10 upgraded feature, the total cost, before shipping would be $119.  If you have an order of 3 products or more, valued at $60 or more, you can use the code AGENTPACK10, which applies to all of the upgrades. This is a great value if you are adding lux options to your business cards or signs.

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